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Surf combines real time, site wide chat services with targeted forum posts and disscusions, to create a trully immersive and collaborative browsing experience, no matter what what webiste you happen to be browsing!

The Inspiration

A whole new method for browsing

While there are many ways to connect online, ranging from youtube to twitter, the proccess of browsing still remains a substantive wasteland, nothing more than cheesy pop-ups and flashy UIs. Surf aims to change this sad reality. Through introding live, site wide chat features, Surf hopes to make browsing a more vibrant experience.


Meet our team

Ben Botvinick


Highschooler at Milton Academy. Nuff said.

Zachary Ankner


Highschooler at Milton Academy. My dog turned 5 today. Enjoys long walks on the beach.

Best thing for tech since isThirteen.